Презентация на тему в гармонии с другими. Презентация по английскому языку на тему: "В гармонии с собой"

Презентация на тему в гармонии с другими. Презентация по английскому языку на тему: "В гармонии с собой"

Редкие невестки могут похвастаться, что у них ровные и дружеские отношения со свекровью. Обычно случается с точностью до наоборот

Try not to become aggressive or angry at others, as this will only make the disagreement worse. Take a deep breath and try to respond to others in a rational, calm way.

  • If you are very upset, you can try stepping away from the situation and returning when you are calm and more relaxed.
  • Acknowledge the other person"s anger and offer to talk about the situation a little later. Allow both of you to cool off a little so that you can have a more productive discussion that isn"t dominated by emotion.
  • Counter anger with compassion and empathy. Try to respond to any disharmony in your life with compassion and patience. Rather than get upset, think about how you can rise above the situation and find a solution. Try to empathize with others and work with their shortcomings or issues, instead of trying to change them or make them see your point of view.

    • For example, if you get in an argument with a friend, think about how they might feel in the situation. Try to empathize with their point of view and respond to them with compassion, rather than anger.
    • Remember that different events have different meanings to different people. Try to understand where they are coming from by saying, "Help me understand how you see this situation."
  • Be an active listener. Maintain eye contact with the person when they are speaking, even if you do not agree with what they are saying. Keep your arms relaxed at your sides and turn your body towards them so they know you are paying attention. Nod and say "uh huh" or "okay" to let them know you are listening.

    • Avoid interrupting them when they are talking. Instead, wait for them to finish speaking. Then try repeating what they said back to them so they know you heard them correctly.
    • For example, you may say, "What I think you said is..." or "What I am hearing you say is...".
  • Be open to compromise. Sometimes, things just don"t go your way. You may need to find common ground with someone you do not agree with or let go of your pride and accept a compromise. Agreeing to a compromise may help you move on from the situation and not let the disagreement throw you off balance or into disharmony.

    • For example, you may find a compromise with your partner where you split the household responsibilities, rather than argue about them. Or you may reach a compromise with a coworker where you work together on a project, rather than fight over the project or compete against each other.
    • Compromise means that both parties give up a little bit to facilitate getting part of what each party wants. Be prepared to give up a little so that you can both be happy.
  • Accept that you may not agree with everyone. A big part of living in harmony with others is recognizing that you may not be able to be friends with everyone you meet. You may have opposing ideas or values and it may be difficult to find common ground. Be willing to accept that you may have to agree to disagree with certain people in your life.

    • Just because you do not agree with someone or see eye to eye does not mean you cannot still have compassion and empathy for them. You can still connect with people you do not agree with and find a sense of harmony with them.

  • Для того чтобы стать счастливым, человеку необходимо научиться жить в гармонии с внешним миром, самим собой, найти идеальный баланс между своим внутренним и внешним выражением. Научиться жить в гармонии с собой непросто. Это серьезная работа над своими привычками и своими недостатками, а значит, потребует определенных затрат сил и времени.

    3)Не корить себя за прошлые неудачи и ошибки. В конце концов, прошлое – это всего лишь прошлое, а вы живете в настоящем. Если то, что уже прошло, вы никак не сможете изменить, то ваше настоящее и ваше будущее целиком и полностью зависят только от ваших усилий.

    4)Заботиться о себе. Не нужно ждать, как говорится, "милостей от природы", надеяться на то, что люди, которые вас окружают будут заботиться о вас. Если вы сами этого не сделаете, то можете дойти до критический точки. Позволяйте себе отдохнуть, расслабиться. Потакайте своим маленьким желаниям и слабостям.

    Окружающие меня люди - мои зеркала. Они отражают особенности моей собственной личности, часто не осознаваемые мною. Например, если кто-то мне хамит, значит, я так хочу, я это позволяю. Если кто-то снова и снова обманывает меня, значит, я склонна к тому, чтобы поверить любому. Так что обижаться не на кого.

    Я осознаю, что все происходящее в моей жизни - есть результат моего собственного выбора. И если сегодня я общаюсь со скучным человеком, значит, я сама скучная и занудливая. Нет плохих и злых людей – есть несчастные. Если я разгребаю их проблемы, значит, мне это нравится. Так что не к кому предъявить претензии. Я сама причина всего, что происходит со мной. Автор и творец своей судьбы - я сама.

    Cutting down of trees

    • The United Nations Organization say, that the forest die in the world very quickly. Every year 13 millions hectare of the forests die, and 6 hectare of the forests appear.
    • It mean that every second the forest measuring a football field die.

    Destroying of ozone layer

    The hydrocarbons destroy structure of ozone layer. He thin and it bring to appear of the ozone hole.

    The ultra-violet ray is danger for all alive being.

    Reduction variety of wildlife

    • The scientific say, that 10-15 thousand of various animals disappear every year. The less variety of wildlife, the harder it is exist on the Earth.
    • It is necessary to expand the area of nature areas for save the rare kinds of animals.

    • Over the past decade many rivers and lakes have become the gutters.

    • The oil pollution is a huge problem. The oil cause the poisoning and death of being.

    • The humanity is in front of problem utilization of waste today.
    • Every year 50 milliards ton of waste appear in the environment. This waste is a source of environmental pollution, but people may use its for the production of second production.

    Live in Harmony with the World

    Presenter 1: What is to live in harmony with others?

    Presenter 2: What for to live in harmony with others?

    Presenter 1: Can you say that you live in harmony with the world?

    Presenter 2: We have heard, seen and read the answers to these questions given by scientists, artists and people of virtue. Today we have asked our mates what they are thinking of it. Please, have a look..

    Interviewed 1: For me to live in harmony with others is to have no conflicts with other people. You try to understand the needs of others and be able to forgive their faults. Really, I try to avoid conflicts within my family and with my friends. In general, conflicts are destructive. So be patient and tolerant to each other.

    Interviewed 2: Ok, I am sure that if you want to be successful in your life you must take this world in with all its defects and problems. You need to be able to appreciate your opportunities in this world and to fit the surroundings which may change rather quickly. I am always trying to be flexible, that means to be in harmony with the quickly changing world around me.

    Interviewed 3: For me harmony is living in peace with oneself and other people. We all are far from being angels. One may have disabilities and problems, physical and moral. The thing is that you can improve this world only with the help of understanding, tolerance and love. I think, the progress of this civilization is possible if we stay tolerant, then we will not destroy each other. Remember Dostoyevsky"s "Beauty will save this world"? Kindness and tolerance will do the same.

    Presenter 1: There are good words MERCY and COMPASSION. What are they for you?

    Interviewed 4: I believe all of us need to be merciful and feel compassion not only towards our relatives and friends, but also to other people who suffer or are being in a hard life situation. Misfortune may happen to everybody, neither money, nor social status can help to survive the loss of someone’s beloved, to reconcile with a death disease. A kind treatment and compassion can help here.

    Presenter 2: In all world religions and spiritual practice people are being taught mercy and compassion. Listen to this teaching, it is the wisdom proved through centuries.

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